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I’ve decided to cut some of the drama out of my life, and while thinking about it, I found myself continuously drifting back to this journal. I have written so much personal information in here, and I think it only adds onto the strain in my life. So, after much consideration, I‘m going to make it Friends Only.

I just feel that in real life, I would not display the things that happen to me the way I do in this journal. Although, I admit, I do enjoy the occasional anonymous comment… I would prefer to know who is reading my journal at all times. Is my life so important that not everyone should be reading it? Not really. But its important to me.

I’m also doing a friend cut, which should be done by now. I have gone through my friend list and have tried to explain something I know about each and every one of you. If I couldn’t think of anything, I cut you. It doesn’t mean I dislike you or anything, just that either (1) we haven’t really talked or (2) we have nothing in common.

If I took you off, and you wish to be back on for any reason, just comment, and I will gladly add you. To some, this might actually be a relief.

If I didn’t take you off, and you wish to be taken off, comment. No hard feelings. I understand I can be quite the pain in the ass.

I see this as a more positive turn in my life. I wish to no longer be surrounded by sadness. To be happy, you must work at it. So here it is… my first step toward being happy.


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May. 11th, 2005 10:15 pm (UTC)
i wanna be ur friend :|
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