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Jun. 23rd, 2004

Oy, me and Jay are waiting for his brand new chameleon. =D

It was supposed to be here at 10:30 am, but its 20 minutes late. I think he's a little anxious. He was sitting by the window for the past hour, now he went to play hockey in the room. I bet he's gonna flip once he gets it. Heh. Of course, I will be ignored for the next couple weeks. =( Buuuut, I'm sure I'll be able to deal.

I always have the internet.

I'm pathetic. I get swept up in these picture sites.

Dilly - Profile
Face The Jury

Then, after that, where is there to go? WELL, theres....


and.. um.. hmm. *shrugs* Not sure. I guess then I just look for pictures from Queer As Folk. Mmm. Anyone know any good websites to kill time?

Oh, and my dad is strange.

Dad: You know what?
Me: What?
Dad: Your just one of those people who has everything happen to them.
Me: ...huh?
Dad: I mean, look... on your birthday you stepped on twenty bucks, right? Then, when we played lottery tickets, you won fifty bucks! Then we did that quick draw and you won fifty more bucks!
Me: okay...
Dad: And think about your graduation. Out of all the people in your class, your the one whose name they forgot.
Millie: Thats true.
Dad: What are the odds of that happening?
Millie: And you ended up in the newspaper too.
Me: So.. your saying I'm a jinx?
Dad: Well... something like that.

Then, thinking about it, I realized there are a lot of weird shit that happens to me. Getting sung to by a stranger in the mall, being picked to go in this giant balloon frog in elementary school, causing me to win ten dollars, and when I went to that NSYNC concert and just happened to walk upon Joey and Lance sitting in a golf cart with only two body guards (I ran up to take a picture, and ended up falling on my ass. Joey [after laughing at me] told one of the guards to help me up. Heh.).

Which means that I am doomed to have things happen to me. Even though I go outta my way to NOT have things happen, they will happen.

Do you know how much that blows? @_@


Jun. 27th, 2004 07:02 am (UTC)
I ended up deleting all the pics off my computer cause I was thinking about selling it.. but I didnt... but now I have no pics. Sorry.

http://www.boomspeed.com/asanya/errr.jpg <~ There's an old picture of you and mike. Other than that, I have none.

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