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Mmm, it was hot as hell, so I couldn't sleep. I think the baby felt the heat too. He was moving around like mad all night. I kept waking up every hour or so. Its so strange to feel a hard lump in your abdomen, and softness around it. Then to feel it move to the other side. Like aliens or something...

I haven't updated in a bit.

Well, me and Jay went to see Harry Potter. That was good. Jay was more excited about the nachos. How strange that we both were talking about the nachos an hour before the movie, only to leave the movie and think "Those were good nachos."

The movie fell a little short of the nachos, but still was quite good itself. Kinda long. We were both getting fidgety. I almost cried. >< At the part where the doggies are fighting. *cringes* I dont like to hear/see dogs fighting. Makes me sick to my stomach. Bah.

- complete change of subject -

Shanelle's boyfriend broke up with her. She came here crying, and me, being bad with advice and people who are crying, just stared at her. I'm very bad at comforting people. I attempted to make her happy by showing her the newly born kittens, but it made her more sad.

She was just like "This is probably how big your baby is." and then drifted onto the subject of her miscarriage. ><

Shanelle has never been without a man for.. what? a month? She needs to find herself. Find out who SHE is. She needs to find her own hobbies, and dreams. Stop revolving her life around whatever guy she's dating. I wish she would get a hobby or something. I tried to tell her to start drawing again. She used to be really good at it. But she just looked at me sadly, and shrugged.

It is pretty early, but they were moving kind fast. I mean, dating 4 months, then already having a baby? Thats not even enough time to have any serious problems in a relationship.

Me and Jay were dating a year before we hit the problems. If you can survive the bad times, then its worth it. Plus, I know for a fact, that even if Jay's not here for me, he'd be here for his baby.

Unlike Peachy. He's deaf okay, not that its saying he's a bad person, just saying, it'd be 10x harder for him to take care of a child. Plus, he wasn't even sure he wanted it. When I told Jay I was pregnant, he was more excited than I was.

I just... I saw all this stuff coming, and I dont know how to help her without hurting her. I mean, this time, I just comforted her, and didn't tell her to the extent of how I really felt. She didn't need to hear that so soon, but after awhile, i know its going to come out.

I just, I wanna see her pick herself up, and live a life without a guy involved in it. Maybe then she'll finally be happy.

- complete change of subject -

Dont ask me why I do that now, I just do. *shrugs* I should have taken Jay to work. Now I'm wide awake, and will have no car for the rest of the day. =\

Oh well. I'm gonna go raid the fridge. I'm so hungry I could vomit.

Jun. 9th, 2004

Quick update cause Jay wants to get on and then we're going to Waffle House soo....

Thank you everyone! I'm sooooo happy to be having a nice healthy baby boy! But I guess you already knew that. ^_^

I talked to ALICIA yesterday! Omg, what a blast from the past right there! I haven't talked to her in almost a year! She had me going for like, 5 minutes, that she was having twins. I shoulda caught on when she said she was due in Novemember, but she didn't know how many months she was... lol

Apparently she just showed up on my dad's doorstep. O_o;

THANK YOU RENELLE! She said you yelled at her. lmao. Aww man, I wish I could go back up to NY and see all the peoples I used to work with. Never could a first job have been so great. *sigh*

Okay, I g2g and get dressed so that Jay can come online and we can go. Bye bye! lkajdfiouaworeo

Well, today was the big day. =D We went to the doctors, and we found out that we are having a...

*drum roll*Collapse )

Jun. 4th, 2004

Does anyone wanna hear how stupid I am? Yes, of course you do.

Well, as I said before, the car is finally fixed! I took Jay to work in the morning, and Jay specifically said to me "Dont be driving around and wasting gas." and I said "Of course!" and what did I do? The minute I dropped him off, I went for a two hour drive. Now, when I started driving, it was dark out, so I had my lights on, but by the time I got home, it was daylight, and I forgot about my lights.

Do you see where I'm going with this? I went to turn the car on, and yeah, the battery's dead.

I have to leave to pick up Jay in two hours, and I can't get a hold of ANYONE. I'm so screwed. lmao

Jay's gonna be maaaaad!!!!

Ehehe, all is taken care of. ^^; I'll just pretend that never happened. He'll never see my journal, he's too busy looking at chameleons when he comes online.
The car is fixed! *confetti falls from the sky as a plane flies by as the words 'about time' trail behind it*

Jay took it to a friend of my mom's and the dude fixed it in one afternoon and it only cost about $50 (labor) + $40 (for the parts) = $90!!!! Great huh? The guy was only going to charge us about $20 for labor too, but Jay gave him a little more. Hell, he would have gave him even more than that, but the guy didn't want it! Yayz! Next we're going to have the guy fix the drive axle and transmission (the only problems left with the car).

Now I can drive Jay to work tomorrow. =) Then I have to get insurance on it. Then I have to clean it (its pretty stinky inside). I'm so happy!

But, since the car is only fixed now, I have to put off seeing Harry Potter till next week. =( Buuuut, I guess I can live with that. Heh.


Ooo, Jay bought me the new Slipknot and D12 cd.

I really like both CDs. Although I've never been much into rap, that D12 cd is pretty good. Most of the slipknot songs are pretty good. There's only a couple I didn't like.

I didn't even know Slipknot came out with a new cd till Jay brought it home! Heh. I want to redo my cd collection. I've had so many damn cds, and I've lost or broke almost all of them.

There's like, maybe 100 cds sitting in my trunk, but I bet their all scratched up. I'll have to go through them...


I FINALLY saw "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". That was pretty good!! Although the 2nd one is still my favorite. I got all emotional at several parts. Heh. I didn't cry, but I did get watery eyed. Good movie.

Psh, Jay wasn't even paying attention to it. He's all like "They need to hurry up and fight." bah, I like the storyline. I wish I would have kept reading the books. Me and my attention span.

The hobbits are SO gay!! I remember wondering if Sam was gonna marry Frodo in the first movie. Although Sam's probably the gayest, I think he's also the bravest. *shrugs* I liked him the best outta all the hobbits. Frodo fell too much.

Smiegel is creepy. *kicks him*


Other than that, I dont have much going on... lol. On Monday I find out the sex of the baby! I'm so excited. Plus, we get "Special Parking" at the hospital. Heh.. *feels special*

I talked to the lady yesterday. She was pretty cool.

Then, after that, we'll probably head down to target and register more stuff. Its easier to pick out things for the registry when you know the sex.

Now I dont know what I want. Boy or Girl. Hmm. A boy would be more fun. More outdoor type shit. A girl would be cool. She could sing or dance or something. I dunno. I think if I have a girl, she's going to be a tomboy anyways. X_x;

Probably end up playing hockey.
I just woke up from some weird dream about getting lunch at school. I went to get my lunch, but the lunch lady was hassling me, so I ran out without paying it. Then, I couldn't find anyone to sit with. Everytime I came across someone I knew, they told me to go home and take care of my kid. I told them I was there for school though, and they kept saying what a bad parent I was.

Then there were some issues on my not being able to eat cause my teeth were falling out. Thats just odd.

Anywhoo, I wasn't going to update, but I was sitting here, and outta nowhere the porch sliding door opened. I guess you could say I'm a little spooked, especially since the cat that went outside when it opened is now INSIDE and I closed the door after it went outside. ><

A bit of some Twilight Zone shit going on. Or maybe since I'm still half asleep I dreamt it? Who knows?

Jay done threw out the paper for.....

okay, holy shit, that door just flung right open. Sorry, I'm going to bed. Too scary for me.
Survey!Collapse )

Someone just IMed me. O_o I get scared talking to people online. Gah. *puts on her away message*
Blah blah blah...

I think everyone abandoned me. The dog and the kittens are missing. >< The cats are still around, but their all walking around in a zombie like state.

Peter isn't here. He usually wakes up at 11 am, and then I get off the computer so he can get on... I think Sara is here, she got up for a min, then went back in the room. =\

Its creepy, and I'm craving frozen pizza. I would walk to the store, but that would mean I would have to get dressed, and to get dressed I would need to clean my room an do laundry, and to do that, I would have to get up... and no, I'm not willing to get up.

I'm gonna go find a survey to do, and then post it on here, cause I'm that bored, and no one can stop me. Hah.

The day of rambling

I just found out that Christina... this girl who I used to talk to, had a miscarriage. >< And she was 5 months pregnant. Thats scary. I mean, she was also the druggie type, but I think she quit that stuff the minute she got pregnant.

Now I'm a little worried. She was further along than I am... they say that after the 3rd month, the chances for a miscarriage are 3%, yet thats two in a week span.

She was close with Shanelle though, maybe... I dunno, maybe they both did something together? Smoked or drank something? I have no idea, I just hope mines doesn't end that way. *_*


On a better note... LOOK AT MY NEW QUEER AS FOLK ICONS! ^_^ I was going to get Harry Potter ones, but their are too many to chose from. Can't decide.

Gale Harold is so friggin sexy. Mmm, I'd do him in a heartbeat.


You are Form 9, Vampire: The Undying.

"And The Vampire was all that remained on
the blood drowned creation. She attempted to
regrow life from the dead. But as she was
about to give the breath of life, she was
consumed in the flame of The Phoenix and the
cycle began again."

Some examples of the Vampire Form are Hades (Greek)
and Isis (Egyptian).
The Vampire is associated with the concept of
death, the number 9, and the element of fire.
Her sign is the eclipsed moon.

As a member of Form 9, you are a very realistic
individual. You may be a little idealistic,
but you are very grounded and down to earth.
You realize that not everything lasts, but you
savor every minute of the good times. While
you may sometimes find yourself lonely, you
have strong ties with people that will never be
broken. Vampires are the best friends to have
because they are sensible.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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O_o ....ur mama